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into a new
East Menlo

jZCool Eatery closes its doors
after ten year on Santa Cruz Avenue

April 16, 2009 , Menlo Park / Palo Alto , CA

After 10 years, jZCool Eatery and Wine Bar at 827 Santa Cruz in Menlo Park has closed for business, Jesse Cool and her family of restaurants and catering (www.CoolEatz.com) announced today.

In order to meet the needs of the expanding catering division of the businesses, CoolEatz Catering is moving into a larger venue at Menlo Business Park in East Menlo Park. Catering will continue throughout the move.

In June, a new organic lunch café will open to serve the needs of the business park and surrounding community.

“We are excited about the success of our business, said Jesse Z. Cool, author and owner of jZCool, Flea St. Café, The Cool Café at Stanford and Cooleatz Catering. “Along with my entire organization we want to express gratitude to a community that has patronized us for over 3 decades. We will continue our deep commitment to supporting healthy farms and food with this new venture. I want to personally thank the community for dining at one of our tables throughout the years.”

The move and new concept will continue to honor and support the long-standing core of the organic, local and sustainable food service of this company to the people in Silicon Valley.

Jesse Cool 's restaurants, catering and 7 cookbooks represent her passionate 33-year commitment to sustainable cuisine long before it became mainstream. Flea St. Cafe (1981), The Cool Café at The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford, ( 2000) jZCool Eatery(1999) opened. From the beginning, at her first restaurant, Late for the Train (1976), the use of direct farm fresh, in-season, organic and local ingredients was the core of the businesses philosophy. Jesse is the author of seven cookbooks including, Your Organic Kitchen, Tomatoes, Onions, Breakfast In Bed, Toast, and The One Pot Cookbook and her most recent release, Simply Organic

For more information on the move or the new organic lunch cafe, please contact, kathy@cooleatz.com





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