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Jesse Ziff Cool

Jesse Ziff Cool has been dedicated to sustainable agriculture and cuisine for over 4 decades as writer, restaurateur, spokesperson and consultant for eco-conscious food service. Jesse is the author of seven cookbooks and through the years has written for dozens of publications.


She founded five restaurants, starting in 1976 with the first organic restaurant in the country, Late for the train and currently operating the legendary Flea St. Cafe in Menlo Park and Cantors Arts @ Stanford University. Jesse is a lecturer for Stanford’s Department of Education using her home garden and kitchen as a model classroom. This program inspires Masters of Education students to develop curriculum in math, history, science that takes children from the garden to the kitchen with a one pot, no recipe and ten ingredient program.


She created Farm Fresh at Stanford Hospital, an organic, local menu option for -patients. She continues to consult to institutional food service and health care maintaining that “Food Is Medicine” and a major area in which those that need healthy, clean and delicious food are deserving for everyone.


Jesse sits on numerous non profit boards and mentors women who are embarking on their career in the food industry Along with eating and drinking, she loves to garden and take long hikes . . . which basically allows her to devour more of all that she loves in life!

Jesse's full bio and CV.

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