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Peaches and Herb…and Pork, and Burrata and Cheesecake and more!

Peaches. Like anything from the farm they are worth waiting for. Thankfully, the wait for the world’s tastiest organic heirloom stone fruit is over and it's that time of the year again. Not only do we get to celebrate peaches (and nectarines) in every conceivable way on our menus, but we also get to celebrate Masumoto Family Farm which has been sustainably growing Elberta peaches and La Grand nectarines on an 80 acre farm south of Fresno for almost 70 years.

Years ago we "adopted" an Elberta peach and La Grand nectarine tree at the Masumoto farm. Each year since, at about this time, our team and family has been dutifully harvesting and preserving the bounty. Those very peaches are currently everywhere on the menu at Flea Street adding their special peak-of-flavor and freshness to everything they touch.

Everywhere on the menu you say? From the bar you can try our seasonal “Peaches and Herb Martini” amongst other spirited specialities. As an appetizer try the Tomato Peach Salad with Burrata and Pecan Pesto and move on to the Root Down Farm Pork with Grilled Peaches for dinner. Of course, there is dessert and the Nectarine Sorbet with Cheesecake or the Peach Pie with Corn and Vanilla Ice Cream make are great choices. There is new choices coming out of the kitchen daily (like a Peach leaf tea ice cream, etc.) so come on in and see what is cooking, stewing, freezing or shaking.

And fear not, if you can’t make it in this summer as we have also been busy canning and freezing to preserve this harvest for a cold rainy day treat this winter.

Thank you to our beloved Masumoto Family (David “Mas” Masumoto, Marcy (Thieleke), Nikiko, and Korio) for all you do to provide this deliciousness for us to play with in our kitchen. Sharing the harvest amongst ourselves and the peaches and nectarines our guests is heart warming.

If you have not had a chance to listen to the KQED Radio interview about David and Nikko's new book and the documentary, “Changing Season.” check it out here,

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