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About Cooleatz

Jesse's restaurants and work represent her passionate 4 decade commitment to flavorful, fun and sustainable cuisine. Jesse Cool Restaurants serve only fresh, in-season, organic and local ingredients. Menu items range from superb salads to elegant entrees, mouth-watering sandwiches, Jesse's signature comfort foods and devilish desserts.

Why Our Food Is Different 
Our restaurants make a difference by using food and wine raised, harvested, and produced sustainably and regionally. Buying locally provides great quality, boosts our economy, protects our farmland, enhances our local food systems, and keeps us and our environment healthy. We support and use as many organic ingredients as possible--those produced without petrochemicals, artificial coloring, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides.

Why We Strive to be Sustainable 
Sustainable Cuisine links together, from beginning to end, people, ingredients, respect for the environment, and culinary traditions. Because we at Jesse Cool Restaurants appreciates diversity in nature and strive to protect both local and global cuisines, we take responsibility for creating a healthy, sustainable system, in both our cooking and waste management.

Sustainability Works 
When Jesse set out to open her first organic restaurant, critics said it couldn't be done. Now, with three restaurants and seven cookbooks, she's proven that Sustainable Cuisine is indeed a viable business. Jesse Cool Restaurants continue to garner recognition, such as the prestigious Zagat Award for Excellence, and awards for environmental achievement, business sustainablilty and community service.

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